- May 17, 2013
When it comes to fashion spreads and editorials, it's always nice to see the theme of love and lust featured here and there, and these romantically inspired shoots showcases how couples seem to advertise clothing in a much more captivating manner.

There's just something about witnessing young love and romance in magazines and photography that seems to just strike a cord with audiences. Whether it be something an individual can relate to, or something they strive to achieve in their own lives, romantically inspired spreads are an alluring and eye-catching way to attract buyers to a brand. From vibrantly retro romance shoots to celebrity couple magazine covers, these romance-filled spreads are certainly intriguing and visually appealing.

For anyone feeling in love or looking for love, then these romantically inspired shoots offers you a way to experience that sentiment on print.

From Beachside Couple Editorials to Rocker Couple Captures: