The 'Nibbled Jaffa Cakes of Britain' Were Crafted With a Mouth

The ‘Nibbled Jaffa Cakes of Britain’ was a project taken on by Dominic Wilcox to test how far he could push his creativity using cookies as his material. Using only Jaffa Cakes, Wilcox re-created some of the iconic British symbols.

Using his teeth as tools, Wilcox nibbled away to shape landmarks and even the Loch Ness monster which weaves in and out of the plate. Perhaps the most impressive of the tiny structures is the miniature version of Stonehenge, which stands atop another cookie. Wilcox even shone a light through the orange plastic the cookies came in to create a sunset effect.

The Nibbled Jaffa Cakes of Britain show that one can push their creativity limits if they give themselves barriers to work inside.