Sony Pictures' Ghostbusters Ads Ask: "Who You Gonna Call?"

 - Jul 15, 2016
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As part of the promotions for the all-new Ghostbusters, Sony Pictures set up a movie hotline in the UK that riffs off of the famous film line: "Who you gonna call?"

Ads on the street include a number that can be called and when it is dialed, people are able to hear a recording from Chris Hemsworth, who works as the receptionist for the Ghostbusters team. The message begins, "Due to the considerable rise in paranormal activity, we can't take your call," and goes on to explain how to deal with ghosts, strange noises and floating apparitions.

The Ghostbusters movie hotline is a fun way to make use of the iconic movie tagline and pull audience members into the action of the movie before they head to the theater.