Starbucks Teavana 'Matcha & Espresso Fusion' is Tasty and Attractive

 - Jan 9, 2017
References: news.starbucks & fortune
The Starbucks Teavana line, a new tea brand from the famous cafe, includes a beverage called the 'Matcha & Espresso Fusion,' among others. Considering Starbucks' experience in the coffee industry, an espresso-flavored beverage is a savvy and sensible move for gaining a comfortable footing in the new terrain of tea.

Part of the appeal of the entire Starbucks Teavana line is how the beverages look. While taste is of course important, Starbucks recognizes the popularity of social media sharing with regard to its drinks. The company's drinks thus offer aesthetics as well as refreshment. The Matcha & Espresso Fusion, for example, uses a layer of milk between the matcha and the espresso to create a striated green, white, and caramel color scheme through the clear cup.