From Wasabi-Infused Lattes to Individually Packaged Tea Bags

 - Feb 13, 2017
Both coffee and tea have moved from simple, no-frills morning or evening drinks to artisanal caffeinated beverages. Though many are happy with a bottom shelf Earl Grey or coffee shop double double, just as many people are looking for craftsmanship in their hot beverages, and the industry has responded. Whether through combining unexpected ingredients or relying on the highest quality traditional leaves or beans, artisanal caffeinated beverages offer a vast range for connoisseurs.

Several brands are taking advantage of a more firmly established artisanal beverage to boost their high-brow status. Smith Whiskey & Brandy Infused Teas come in different varieties suited for mixing with fine liquors, and Blackwood Coffee Bar's 'Morning Wood' is mixed like a cocktail.

Other beverages are using outlandish flavor and ingredient combinations, such as Round K Cafe's latte infused with real Korean wasabi.