The Lexus LIT IS is Covered with Nearly 42,000 Programmable LEDs

 - Dec 6, 2016
References: youtube & youtube
The 2017 Lexus IS sedan is all about sending signals, and the specially made Lexus LIT IS is a literal interpretation of that purpose. The car, which is part of the marketing campaign for the release of the new Lexus sedan, is covered in 41,999 programmable LEDs, turning the exterior into a shimmering body of infinite brilliance.

The dazzlingly bright car -- which produces an incredibly 175,000 lumens when fully lit -- is not planned to be sold to general consumers. That being said, the Lexus LIT IS comes with impressive features that highlight the careful design behind the work of art. For instance, the LEDs have several different modes, including 'Attract' (which plays a recursive loop,) 'Music Viz' (which syncs the lights to any music,) and 'Gesture' (which connects the driver's motions to the activity of the lights.