This Google Pop-Up is Centered Around the Pixel 3 & Mindful Tech

A Google pop-up recently opened its doors in London, giving people the chance the experience the Google Pixel 3 in an inspiring, interactive setting.

The Google 'Curiosity Rooms' pop-up includes the Google Lens Laundrette and the All-In Auto Wash room, which gives visitors the chance to take selfies in a fun setting with the all-new Pixel smartphone. The physical pop-up shows off some of the best features of the phone, including some of the features that have been specifically created to inspire more mindful digital communications. As such, the pop-up includes a digital detox tea room experience tailored to how one would describe the events of their best tech-free day.

From now until mid-December, Google's Curiosity Rooms pop-up will be sharing everything from workshops and talks to podcasts, food and music.