This Deceadent Kit Kat Bar is Wrapped in 24-Karat Gold Leaf

 - Nov 23, 2015
References: eater & bustle
Nestle is now producing gold chocolate bars that are entirely edible. Although there are a number of luxury chocolates on the market, none are quiet as extravagant as the new golden Kit Kat bars.

The gold chocolate bars are being designed to commemorate the one millionth visitor to Japan's Kit Kat Chocolatory. The new Kit Kat bars are wrapped in 24-karat gold leaf, which gives them the appearance of a bar of solid gold. While they may look decorative, the chocolate bars are entirely edible. The chocolates will be sold as single bars, instead of the signature Kit Kat pair. As a result, the limited-edition chocolate bars represent an even more exclusive offering for consumers.

Unfortunately, only 500 of the lururious chocolate bars will be sold and the ones available for purchase will be limited to Japan.