This Rare Snack is The World's Most Expensive Food Item

 - Mar 19, 2015
References: luxurytrump
Rated as the world's most expensive food, this white gold caviar is priced at over $100 000 per kilo. The ultra luxe snack is created by Austrian fish farmers 51-year-old Walter Gruell and his 25-year-old son Patrick.

The Salzburg natives are taking over the gourmet food sphere and have even infused their caviar with real gold pieces. This white gold caviar not only tastes amazing but resembles a white gold powder but it will come at a cost for those who can afford to enjoy it.

This product's high price tag is not only a result of its expensive ingredients and taste but is also due to the health benefits that it offers. The caviar's gold leaf ingredients are said to enhance the immune system while the rare albino sturgeon from which it is made from is known to swim in unpolluted waters.