E-Retailer Howdy's Store Envisions a "Futuristic Warehouse"

Howdy, an e-commerce platform that specializes in curated product selections for men, launched a physical retail space in South Korea inspired by the theme of a "futuristic warehouse."

Throughout the space, there are whimsical graphics and metallic foil packages that convey the brand's forward-thinking nature, as well as its witty, refined personality. One of the most notable features of the brick-and-mortar shop is the vending machine stationed behind a glass wall, which features a robotic arm that adds a theatrical element to the process having consumers pick and choose their desired products in-store.

Image Credits: Jung Hoon Han / H Factory, Cham Kim / Kim Cham Studio, Sung Wook Choi / Manmulsang, Won Tae Park / Park Won Tae Studio, 2Rabbit