Trend Hunter Emily Evans Talks Daredevils and Documentaries

 - Sep 14, 2012
References: youtube
Extreme stunts are not for the faint of heart. Those who have a penchant for climbing new heights and pushing themselves to the max will love this extreme video titled ‘Skyliners,’ which documents a group of Parisians walking across everything from mountains to buildings.

Emily Evans interned at Trend Hunter during the summer of May 2011, and out of all the trends she covered, ‘Skyliners’ was the one that always stood out. The views caught on camera through aerial shots are absolutely stunning, if not a little unnerving. The men who pull off these extreme stunts clearly don’t have a fear of heights, as they dance and spin on the high ropes as if it were child’s play.

Other than extreme trends such as this, Emily also loves the potential of Trend Hunter starting a reality TV show. She loves it, her friends love it and she thinks you will too!