DuckDuckGo's Latest Innovation Offers a More Private Internet

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: theverge & fastcompany
Search engine DuckDuckGo has revealed its new privacy extension to protect users from tracking software. DuckDuckGo has always maintained a strong ethos of protecting users' search data and with its newest extension, users can now search freely on any search engine without worrying about being tracked and having their information sold. The browser extension will be available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and will prevent tracking from other popular search engines such as Google. The extension works by blocking code from major tracking networks and will even display a privacy letter grade for every site visited.

While tracking from search engines is not necessarily a bad thing, as it allows for targeted advertising and tailored ads, those looking for a more private internet experience may thoroughly embrace this extension. In addition to ensuring privacy, the blocking of tracking may also increase internet speed, as tracking data can generally block up bandwidth if multiple sites are visited. This early version of the DuckDuckGo extension is ideal for those looking for a more private and secure internet, but the company has no intention of stopping. DuckDuckGo has promised additional features as the need arises and will continue to service the application.