Portland Pet Food Co.'s 'Brew Biscuits' Give New Life to Spent Grains

Portland Pet Food Co.’s Brew Biscuits are dog treats that put spent grains from local breweries to good use.

The ingredients that go into the making of the biscuits include: barley, natural peanut butter, organic rye flower, organic eggs and beef broth, which form nutritious bites for pets to enjoy. These preservative-free treats do not feature any artificial ingredients, flavor or coloring, and are also free from alcohol and hops. Portland Pet Food Co. also makes its Brew Biscuits in a variety of flavors, including options with added pumpkin, bacon and Grain & Gluten-free Bacon Brew Biscuits "made with lentils and chestnuts, harvested from your favorite local grain and gluten-free Portland brewery."

While Portland Pet Food Co. shows just one way in which spent grains from breweries may be repurposed for the benefit of pets, ReGrained makes snack bars for people using a similar process.