Billboard Chess pits Audi and BMW in print warfare

 - Jan 27, 2012
References: creativecriminals
In the ultimate battle of billboard chess Audi and BMW have released competing billboards directed directly at each other. The Santa Monica billboards can be clearly seen from much of the highway, and have many people chuckling over these two auto makers competing for supremacy in the luxury sedan category.

In line with Audi recent stabs at conventional luxury sedan brands such as Mercedes and BMW they have waged billboard chess warfare on their closest competitor. Audi unveiled a cynically suggestive ad that directly target its competitor which featured an Audi and read, "your move BMW" in an attempt to provoke the competitor. In true billboard chess fashion the automaker replied with an almost identical billboard featuring a similar looking car from BMW with the witty caption, "checkmate."

This billboard chess has given drivers and passers by laughing in this battle of the brands which almost appears choreographed because the billboards go so well together.