From Undead Fashiontography to Zombie Clowns

 - Apr 14, 2010   Updated: Aug 16 2011
Forget werewolvesâ€"zombies are for sure the biggest contender against vampires for pop culture domination. In this collection of zombified finds, you'll see how the undead have invaded every facet of mainstream life, from lingerie to plush toys.

Hell, there have even been practical books written on how to thwart a zombie attackâ€"you can never be too safe. So put down that lame Twilight novel, and turn your delicious brain towards these zombified finds.

Implications - Not only are consumers becoming more accepting of alternative products, they are beginning to seek them out. Things that deviate from the norm are not only fascinating, they represent individuality, which is something heavily sought after by the average adult.