From Patterned Colorless Clothing to Backcountry Backpacks

 - Jan 31, 2013
Always revered for the regions effortless sense of style, these west coast fashion finds are a exquisitely styled to appear not only dramatic, but laid-back cool. When I say west coast, I'm not just talking about California, but the entire coast from the most southern tip of the golden coast to the rainy shores of Vancouver where a much relaxed style reigns supreme.

Fashion in North America is very much so partitioned off into manageable segments that include the west and east coasts. While the east coast is much more conservative and chic, the west coast doesn't do much other than dress in whatever is of-the-moment because the sunny weather allows for it. West coast fashion really exudes not only a personal sense of style, but an overall lifestyle that is quite different than the rest of the continent.