Photographer James Whitmore is Full of Bohemian Beauties

Stockholm-based photographer James Whitmore shoots almost exclusively in analog, and manages to photograph the malaise, mystery, and strange sensuality that has made hipsters and hipster style so fascinating to millions of people, young and old, around the globe.

As a photographer, James Whitmore does not seem concerned with capturing his subjects looking perfect, pristine, or traditionally beautiful. His shots show a shutterbug with a keen eye for shooting bohemian beauties in their natural, distressed habitat. Each photograph is imbued with the aura of a photo shoot that is entirely organic and natural. His photography evokes a sense of longing, but does so while forcing the viewer to create a story surrounding the image.

As a photographer, James Whitmore's greatest strength is his ability to make a very professional shot appear as though it's a simple snap of one friend taken by another. In a day and age where many people deride fashion magazines for focusing too much on Photoshopping and airbrushing to ratchet up the appeal of their pictures, James Whitmore stands tall as a viable alternative. Do not be surprised if you start to see his work popping up in high-fashion magazines in the near future.