From Film-Inspired Yoghurt to Watermelon Eyelashes

 - Mar 2, 2012
Everyone's favorite summertime fruit proves its versatility with these wacky watermelon innovations. Capable of jumping from the runway to the picnic table without missing a beat, this magical melon can do no wrong. Contorted and carved into numerous shapes, watermelons seem to be the masters of versatility and deception.

The watermelon's iconic aesthetic finds its way onto numerous household items and pieces of attire. From tissue boxes to cars, this seed-filled fruit has served as inspiration for an endless parade of designs. Sip on a refreshing watermelon cooler, dig into your kooky square watermelon and anxiously anticipate the arrival of summer. Soon you'll be spitting seeds in your watermelon bikini with the best of them.

Fun, flirty and fruity, these wacky watermelon innovations will have you craving the sun and surf of the summer.