Stadtreinigung Hamburg Ads Badmouth Mixed Garbage Bins

 - Mar 11, 2011
References: fabiomonterorbonmade & adsoftheworld
Many Western cities have begun transitions towards urban composting programs, and the Stadtreinigung Hamburg ads aim to convince German consumers to start segregating their scraps. Personifying regular trash cans, the campaign turns garbage bins into baleful entities, and places where bits of imperishable rubbish blend together into a menacing melange.

Extending these anthropomorphic images to the concept of a living and feeling planet, the Fabio Montero advertising agency behind these prints strives to connect with citizens on a compassionate level. Depicting food items like fruits and vegetables as the good guys that break down and nourish the earth, the Stadtreinigung Hamburg ads express "Don't let the good things mess with the bad. Ask for your green bin." Would you make a watermelon cry?