These Ninja Turtle Watermelon-o-Lanterns are Righteous

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: crushable & foodista
They say that necessity is the mother of invention and that's exactly how these vibrant Ninja Turtle watermelon-o-lanterns came to be. If you happen to live in the Northeastern United States chances are you're having trouble tracking down a pumpkin this Halloween season. Thanks to the handiwork of Hurricane Irene in conjunction with Tropical Storm Lee, the U.S. has seen buckets of rain and little else. This has seriously stunted the pumpkin season in this area, which is normally incredible lucrative. Many pumpkins are so water-logged they are exploding under the pressure.

Rather than pass up the endlessly entertaining tradition of carving up a jack-o-lantern this Halloween, the ever resourceful yanks have concocted an adorable alternative to the bright orange seasonal favorite. Watermelons have stolen the show this Halloween and by the looks of these Ninja Turtle watermelon-o-lanterns, pumpkins had better watch their back.

More than holding their own as a stand in, these Ninja Turtle watermelon-o-lanterns are so engaging this is likely not to be their last Halloween.