Edno Pereira Illustrates Ladies Who Have Lost Their Minds

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: jrdragao.deviantart & whitezine
Edno Pereira is no stranger to producing wicked pop culture-related illustrations, but in this collection of snazzy doodles, the Brazilian artist muses over women who may have trouble maintaining their sanity.

Whether it's a delirious homemaker brandishing a knife and declaring her love of watermelon or a lovely lady locked up in a straitjacket, the images Pereira has been producing as of late have an ongoing motif of craziness. This theme extends into his pop art creations, as he illustrates the nefarious Joker from the Batman series using text and sporting a devilish smile.

I can't complain though, as these Edno Pereira illustrations are some of the most fun images to look at precisely because his subjects have a few loose screws in the head.

Edno Pereira currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, where he continues to churn out these delightful vector creations.