From Adventurous African Shoots to Icon Tributes

 - May 10, 2011
From the US to South America and Brazil, all the way across the pond to the UK, France and Germany and into the depths of Asia, Vogue covers can be seen featuring original styles and models or celebrity favorites from everywhere around the world. These Vogue covers are have a variety of themes, but each shares one commonality: seemingly outrageous, yet innovative styles that set the bar for the rest of the fashion world.

Whether the cover models are rocking a vintage classic look, a modern edgy blazer, a dress made entirely of meat, or not very much clothing at all, Vogue covers always have a way of sparking a reaction in their readers whether it is shock, discomfort or just awe at brilliant photography.

Vogue's historic and continued influence in the fashion world certainly looks to be unmatched.