From Cross-Dressing Wrestlers to Rotating Skyscrapers

 - Dec 6, 2008
Mexican culture is full of color, joyful music and dancing and a fascinating history. Unfortunately, all we seem to hear in the recent media is of their difficult war on a drug trade, and the murders happening in some areas. 

Despite this, Mexico continues to be well-known for its heavenly beach tourist spots such as Puerto Vallarta, Cancún, Acapulco, and Cabo San Lucas.  Although these cities are known by foreigners as spring break central, there is so much more happening in Mexico than beach parties. These 40 articles showcase the innovations happening in hospitality, fashion, art and architecture south of the border.

With the massive population of Mexico City, its leaders and many worldwide investors have eyes on how to turn it into a more revolutionary city, leading the way in sustainable energy and modern engineering. 

I look forward to seeing what comes in the future from this country with warm people and a beautiful language. ¡Te Amo, Mexico!