Red Noses Gather in Mexico City

 - Oct 30, 2008
References: youtube
Now this is some uber wacky parading. This is the 8th annual convention where clowns get together and share ideas, gimmicks and laughs. You can’t really dodge those behaviors when so many comedians get together, but this looks more like a bunch of acid ravers gone berserk than a serious work convention. But then again, the word "serious" doesn’t apply that well to this particular industry.

Clowns make me sad, and I can’t help but feel slightly saddened by this whole affair. Is it the fact that they try so hard to make us smile? Or do I feel that way because the whole event is an attempt to give the art of clowning the respect they believe it deserves? I can’t decide which is most sad.

I do hope that street performers and clowns get better working conditions and better pay, just as long as I don’t have to be forced to join the parade. Sorry clowns.