Mexican Native Arts Available On Line At Tonahli

 - Feb 19, 2007
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Tonahli give us the opportunity to find and buy On line the most unique and beautifull designs in this handcrafts.

"Tonahli is a Mexican enterprise which goal is to increase interest for craftsmanship variety and wealth of the Mexican culture, to acknowledge and honor the heritage of the native arts, and to encourage and acknowledge the artists who make the crafts that now, we bring within your reach.Tonahli deals mainly with goods from the Rio Balsas region in the Mexican State of Guerrero. Until the sixties, clay figures from this region were made by hand; nowadays, they are mostly made using gypsum molds and are fired in old fashioned wood burners (with exception of the masks, which are still handmade).From there, the pieces go directly to the hands of the artists; they polish every single piece and then create wonderful patterns with very fine brushes and acrylic paints.

This translates into every piece being an original, since the artist has the freedom to choose whatever color and styles he wishes to on every piece.Both terms Blue Clay and Natural Clay refer to the background color of the work.* Blue Clay are so called because of the cobalt blue background.* While Natural Clay is worked directly onto the untreated material."Amate" is a paper made out of natural fibers with pre-Columbian techniques, and with bark of "amate" tree (amatl in nahuatl language). These are soaked, chopped and then spread out to dry, thus forming a flat surface. These paintings have a pictoric, figurative and narrative style, hence the name Stories (Storytelling Style). "