From Graphic Unisex Undies to Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing

 - Jul 13, 2015
All of these unisex fashion products come from the fashion and cosmetic industries to provide versatile options for males and females.

Society has begun to demolish terms such as "tomboy"and "pretty boy" through gender-neutral products, making a positive shift towards equality. There are even unisex fashion products from massive designer labels such as Tom Ford's recent unisex fragrance titled Fleur de Portofino. Both men and women can use this fragrance because gender cannot be defined by the scent people prefer to wear.

There are also unisex clothing items and accessories like sunglasses that are appropriate for males and females to wear. While no one is stopping a male from wearing a female product and vice versa, these specific items were designed to combat the inequality among gender-defined products.