From Funny Forest Pillows to Stump Subwoofers

 - Oct 11, 2009   Updated: May 27 2011
These tree trunk and stump creations prove that these arboreal giants are a source of inspiration even when they're not being sawed down into 2x4s. From funny forest pillows that mimic a beaver's bite to stump subwoofers that will blend into your outdoor decor seamlessly, there's no shortage of clever takes on trees. Check out these and more in the slideshow below.

Implications - Consumers have adopted an eco-conscious way of thinking and are adapting this theme into their lifestyles. Designers aren't just using sustainable materials for their products, they're also incorporating natural aspects instead of the conventional manufactured looks. Applying earthy, organic tones/materials is a great way for brands to maintain a raw, honest look and be environmentally friendly at the same time.