Bryan Nash Gill Turns the Rings of a Tree Into Giant Art Masterpieces

 - Apr 14, 2009
References: ashesandmilk &
They say our fingerprints are unique, and so too are the things of a tree. It's this unique quality that gives Bryan Nash Gill's marvelous tree trunk prints their appeal.

Gill found a way to mark cut-off tree trunks so that the shape of the rings transfers onto paper.

"Through relief printing and a laborious rubbing technique Byran created the above piece Hemlock 82 (Bryan literally scratched his fingernails over every surface of the tree). At the grand size of 52″ long x 38.5″ wide the actual diameter, texture and pattern of this tree section is gorgeously translated onto paper," explains Ashes and Milk. Wow.

But this labor comes at a cost; the Hemlock 82 print is selling for $4000!