Tree Trunk Relief Prints by Bryan Nash Gill

 - Apr 11, 2009
References: ashesandmilk
These stunning relief prints from tree trunks are the amazing work of artist Bryan Nash Gill.

Living next to an old mill makes it easy for Bryan to procure beautiful trunk specimens to his studio to create these amazing works of art.

Bryan uses relief printing and a laborious rubbing technique to translate the actual diameter, texture and pattern of the tree section onto paper.

Ink is rolled onto the trunk and a piece of handcrafted washi paper is placed on top. Bryan then imprints the texture of the wood on the surface of the paper by pressing little by little with his fingertips; he'll literally touch each of the tree’s growth rings in order to capture its mark.

What a beautiful ode to nature! 

The prints will soon be available from Ashes & Milk.