From Curiously Cinched Satchels to Cute Collared Murses

 - Jun 6, 2012
These transportable tote bags are king among purses and murses alike due to their unmatched ability to hold a multitude of goods.

Distinctly oversized and frequently designed with an eco-friendly mindset, totes are popular for good reason. Often leaving a large and blank canvas for designers to go wild on, the tote has been the site of great design in the fashion world. Because they are often the go-to bag of choice for daytime activities, it's important that totes be durable, large and fashion-conscious. Perhaps the most androgynous form of purse out there, these are often made with both men and women in mind, leading to generally more interesting designs meant to appeal to a wider demographic.

Large and dependable, the almighty tote is a mainstay in many wardrobes and is sure to remain as such in the future.