Drapes Made Into Handbags

 - Mar 13, 2007
References: dexigner
Are Drapes Suitable Handbag Material? OH YEAH!

In my head here is my thought (and just imagine my hand reaching slowly up to scratch the top of my head), “My belt matches my shoes, my shoes and belt are in sync with my handbag that matches my drapes?”

According to Kathleen DeAngelis of San Clemente of KD Bags, she uses "Schumacher & Co.'s line of upholstery- and drapery-weight fabrics to create fabulous purses.”

I have to say that nothing is new under the sun but when you live in a world where copying is the highest form of flattery I, for one, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kathleen DeAngelis style:using what you've got to create something hot. It is for one, already there, saving time and energy:IT'S CALLED RECYCLING:LOVE IT! Also, it brings to mind the time of the Stock Market Crash where women were using fabrics they never dreamed of using. The result? One of the most creative eras in fashion the world has ever seen.