Delicate Fortress Creations Fight Human Trafficking, Slavery, Poverty

 - Jan 18, 2012
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There are so many stigmas around prostitution, but the sad reality is that often, it's not a choice. Every day, thousands of women and children -- even boys-- are forced into prostitution. Once in this world, it becomes even more difficult to get out because they are often faced with a lack of respect or degradation.

Delicate Fortress Creations is a social business dedicated not only to changing those attitudes, but to creating a solution and an opportunity for those escaping prostitution and slavery. They are a "shop with purpose" that sells products made by survivors of human traffiking as well as extreme poverty. Among other causes they support are illiteracy, child exploitation and the orphan crisis.

They sell jewlery from the Starfish Project, and fashion items such as up-cycled totes made from old Dorito bags, Tacky for Africa headbands and Punjammies, which we recently featured.

The social business, founded by Karyn Puller, "is an all benefit company, meaning that after minimal overhead costs, all profits (once they are turned) will be poured into non-profits fighting human trafficking, modern day slavery and child exploitation." Here is a list of everything they've been able to achieve thus far.

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