From Green Tea Sweet Buns to Coconut Legume Loafs

 - Jun 29, 2015
Whether you are looking for a sugary breakfast treat or maybe a mid-afternoon snack, these scrumptious sweet bread recipes are a tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

One of the best ways to enjoy sweet bread is to infuse a regular loaf with sugary ingredients. For a more traditional dish, there are a number of recipes for baked breads made from bananas and other subtly sweet fruits. For something a bit more daring, why not try using grated zucchini and sweet coconut flakes?

However, sweet breads don't always need to be enjoyed in the form of a loaf. Many chefs have begun experimenting with dishes that combine classic breaded foods with sweet dessert ingredients. Some of the most interesting examples of these sweet bread hybrids include croissant bagel pastry mashups, fruity watermelon bagels, sugary brioche cronuts and even breakfast pastry-stuffed donuts. With so many recipes to choose from, there is a sweet bread dish designed to satisfy any craving.