- Jan 30, 2014
Known to be one of the sexiest and most sought-after superstars in showbiz, sultry Scarlett Johansson has it all. She's sensual, successful and very talented.

Star of the recent hit movie 'Her,' the sultry Scarlett Johansson has been featured on covers and in editorial spreads for years -- she's also a yearly fixture on the Sexiest Woman Alive list.

Utilizing on her signature pout and sultry stare, Johansson's old-Hollwood style has won her deals with D&G, Mango and Louis Vuitton (among many others).

From her Vogue Mexico editorial channeling her inner vixen for the glamorous boudoir photo shoot with a little help from ethereal corsets and jewel-toned bodysuits to her retro housewife shoot featuring her shaving her legs in the sink for Esquire, Scarlett Johansson's effortlessly bodacious and elegant charms are definitely here to stay.

From Glam Boudoir Editorials to Edenic Beauty Ads: