From Futuristic Hi-Top Sneakers to Two-Toned Leather Kicks

 - Dec 22, 2013
These suave sneakers designs will definitely catch the attention of any shoe fanatic looking to add some elegant yet casual new kicks to their footwear collection.

When it comes to comfortable footwear designs, sneakers are often the most popular shoe choice for both athletes and youthful consumers. These suave sneaker designs however, have all been outfitted with lavish materials and chic designer influences, turning ordinary kicks into haute couture creations. Perfect for those who enjoy the easy-going aspect of kicks but are looking for a bit more edge and elegance to the look, these suave sneaker designs will definitely offer a way to combine practicality and sophistication into one product.

From golden sneakers to lush leather kicks, these suave shoes will definitely satisfy any avid shoe collector.