From Cute Teddybear Carpets to Villainous Plush Dolls

 - Feb 5, 2012
These stuffed animal sensations are paying homage to the younger years of life, giving a nod to one's inner child. From villainous plush dolls to psychedelic teddy bear clothing, old toys are being transformed into fierce fashions, home accessories and even hair-raising coifs.

From ferocious teddy bear kicks to fluffy puppet toques, stuffed animals are no longer just for ages three and up. From teddy bear skin carpets to plush toy chairs, these tot creations are being reinvented into fashion-forward staples and design-conscious accent pieces.

From bold accessories to designer plushies, these stuffed animal sensations are making waves and gaining major attention worldwide. Fusing a childlike playfulness and freedom, these terrific toy-made creations have personality, character and whimsy, serving as an undeniable source of inspiration for big kids everywhere.