Sebastien E. Fashions 'Bear Fur' Out of Cuddly Children's Bears

 - Aug 23, 2011
References: meetsebastian & urhajos.tumblr
Cruella de Vil should take a few pointers from this Bear Fur teddy bear coat and use stuffed animals instead of real wildlife skin for fashion apparel. After all, the Sebastien E. creation is still as eye catching as any fur coat I’ve ever seen.

As Sebastien E. explains on his personal website, Bear Fur was created as an homage to 80s eco-friendly fur campaigns. More importantly, the clever stuffed bear apparel totally looks like something a brave soul can rock on fashion runways and on stylish New York streets.

Implications - As a way to garner consumer attention, the fashion industry is now utilizing unexpected textiles, such as teddy bears, to fashion their wares. Corporations may similarly use unexpected textiles to fashion their staple products as a publicity stunt or a simple, inexpensive way to add interest to a mundane product.