From Stripey Beverage Branding to Milk Carton Gardens

 - Oct 17, 2013
Color can be a powerful factor when it comes to marketing an item, and these colorfully striped products are showcasing how whimsical patterns can make any item pop with personality.

While flamboyant colors and striped patterns are often aspects found in youthful pieces of clothing, these unique product designs are showcasing how adding in multiple colors can serve to boost a product's overall appearance. With retailers often selling products that are eerily similar to other brands, it takes more than just a good ad or commercial to market it to potential buyers. That's why opting to infuse colors, and in this case striped patterns, can be a creative way to make these products stand out from the more mundane designs.

From candy-patterned cartons to sweet striped branding, these playfully striped products will make you feel like a kid again.