From Cartoon Couture Lookbooks to Skateboard Legend Editorials

 - Nov 13, 2012
Streetwear fashion is a fusion of skate and urban culture in the form of personal representation. It encompasses an individual’s look and attire.

It also helps define a subset of people and their style. Streetwear is not just an adopted fashion, but a lifestyle. People identify with street culture and the traditions in fashion.

Streetwear is constantly evolving like any other fashion genre and with new designers and merchandise, reinvents itself perpetually. It began in early skate and surf culture, moved into Japanese territory and eventually into the urban realm. There are no limitations in streetwear and the whole idea is to be free, easy-going and enjoy the fashion you choose to wear each day.

Streetwear fashion is historical, adaptable, continually evolving and arousing inspiration from the environments and conditions we live in.