From Spock Ear Shoulders to Space Goth Fashion

 - Nov 19, 2009   Updated: Aug 16 2011
What does the future of fashion have in store? Judging from the spage age fashions in this cluster, a lot of shiny metal, razor-sharp shoulders, and body-armor styles. Some of these futuristic fashions are scary—who wants to wear silver lipstick and beehive dresses?—others are do-able, like the single-lens shades and metallic minis. Click through this cluster of space age fashions and see which ones you’re willing to take on in the not-too-distant future.

Implications - Consumers in contemporary society are attracted to products that feature a fantastical element. Designs that contain an otherworldly affect appeal to shoppers who want to forget their responsibilities for a moment. Companies could develop more items like this in order to attract more customers.