- Apr 20, 2008
Earth Day is right around the corner, so buzz about environmentally friendly innovations is high. One of the most talked about ways to go green right now is opting to use solar technologies by harnessing the power of the sun. In honor of Earth Day, this special two-part feature highlights the top 100 solar inventions.

Solar energy is one of the top sustainable energy sources, and its potential is incredible, as highlighted by the following bits of Trend Candy. They're arranged by category, starting with electronics like cell phones and computers, and gadgets like charging stations, followed by fashion and solar-powered bags. Featured in the main image is the Mana Solar Claw.

The second part of our feature, which can be seen here, includes larger innovations like architecture and solar cities.

Here's a look at what's possible through harnessing this incredible green energy source...

Part I: Gadgets & Fashion :