Solient Energy's Heliotube

 - Jul 29, 2007   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: soliant-energy & technologyreview
Solient Energy's Heliotube Panel could make solar power more affordable by using less photovoltaic material, which is expensive. Mirrors track the sun across the sky and focus its energy on the smaller area of photovoltaic material. This solar panel should cost about half of what current solar panels cost and produce electricity at a cheaper cost than the electrical grid in most markets. The Heliotube is to start shipping later this year.

Implications - While many individuals within society would opt to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, it is often challenging due to high-costs. Businesses that offer affordable ways to incorporate more green ways of living will garner the attention of a wide audience. Consumers will be thankful for having easier access to eco-friendly ways of living.