Jonathan Mahieddine's Eco Design

 - Mar 20, 2008   Updated: Apr 7 2011
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This hot tub-shaped boat from French designer, Jonathan Mahieddine, apparently runs off of a giant solar-tree/sun-roof. Not exactly sure how.

What does the stored sunlight power? The televisions or the steering-wheel-less rudders? A closer look reveals another potential power source: two sets of pedals. Awfully big for a human-powered vessel but, a cool looking one, nevertheless.

Implications - Promising an energy-conserving way to power objects, solar power is being revered in today's society. Designers are continuing to look for ways to apply solar power, and incorporating it into a boat only skims the surface. With the number and variety of products available in the marketplace, there is really no telling the reach of solar energy in the years to come.