Charge Your Mobile for Free With Solar Style's SC003

 - Feb 9, 2006
References: solarstyle
Solar Style, Inc. has developed a line of products that keeps cell phones, PDAs and other hand-held devices charging, even when there’s no traditional electric source available. Mobile phone users will never be caught without a charged battery during a power outage or stranded without the ability to communicate in dire situations or natural catastrophes.

Additionally, the company offers a series of emergency flashlights with beacons, FM radios and cell phone chargers that are perfect for safety and emergency kits. In the event of a federal emergency or a natural disaster, consumers will be able to signal or call for help, and listen to radio for information, even without access to electric outlets. Coming on the heels of the Katrina disaster and the President’s call for lessening our reliance on fossil fuels, the solar charged products are helpful in creating family security, additional security for our country and are environmentally sound.

The new model SC003 charger gives users access to power when they need it, not just when they’re near an outlet. This on-the-go power is liberating for the time-constrained, or for those who are truly mobile and don’t want to be limited by access to traditional power sources. The solar chargers eliminate the need for carrying additional battery packs and helps streamline what users need to stay powered up during their hectic day-to-day activities. The new chargers are easy on the environment, eliminating the need to carry spare batteries or to use traditional, pollution-inducing, fossil-fuel-created electricity. Since the charger can use any indoor or outdoor light source, they’re crucial for emergency, power shortage, rolling blackout or severe weather situations.

The solar charger absorbs all light energy – not just the sun’s – turning it into usable electricity. This electricity is used to charge the attached device or the internal Battery-on-Board™. Once the battery is charged, electronic devices, such as cell phones, can be plugged in for use day or night. Further, the Battery-on-Board™ technology provides stable power for immediate cell phone use, while the solar panel continues to collect energy for future or nighttime use, eliminating downtime. Solar charger users can maximize space and investment: The Solar Style chargers are compatible with many digital devices, including call phones, PDAs, MP3s, gaming devices and digital cameras.