Eco-Friendly Tech Devices, from Solar-Powered Phones to Disposable Laptops

 - Nov 17, 2009   Updated: Jun 23 2011
It was only a few years ago that wooden computers, disposable laptops, and solar-powered phones were virtually unknown concepts. Fast forward to today, and the number of eco-friendly tech devices is astounding. Our demand for eco-conscious products has initiated the development of everything from methanol-powered laptops to compostable computers. Click through this cluster of eco-friendly tech devices and see if your own gadgets could use a green upgrade.

Implications - As today's culture continues to stay committed to preserving the planet, it is imperative that businesses and companies supply consumers with a wide selection of complementary products and services. Businesses that provide consumers with a plethora of eco-friendly products will not only meet consumer demands, they will also present themselves as an organization committed to important causes.