- Sep 19, 2009   Updated: Jul 7 2011
We all know how disabled we can become without the vital electronic devices that govern our everyday lives. These cheeky gadget chargers are amazing innovations that help to ensure we never run out of battery on our treasured electronics.

Whether you’re out camping in the wilderness, traveling through the mountains or just nowhere near a power source, these gadget chargers will be your saviors in the worst of technological times.

Implications - One of the most effective ways a company can differentiate itself in a crowded industry is by altering a traditional product's packaging or coloring with a radical design. By dressing a familiar product in an unfamiliar way, the company stands a good chance of attracting interest from consumers who want a change from the every day, as well as those who appreciate commodity originality.

Staying Alive, From Breath Power to Fast Food Chargers: