Breath-Powered USB Charger

 - May 17, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: instructables & ohgizmo
The Breath Powered USB Charger gives you a reason to keep breathing. Now you can take all that hot air and turn it into power for all your favourite USB gadgets.

"Sure breathing keeps us alive but other than that it's really wasted energy. Thankfully Instructables member 'jmengel' has cooked up a clever device that uses the expanding motion of your chest to power a charger for USB devices.

Are you breathing? Do you have a gadget that can be charged via a USB port? Well if you answered yes to both, then you are in luck. This instructable shows how to make a device that will charge your USB-capable devices while you do what you do best. Breathe. Using some parts scavenged from an old CD-ROM drive, a simple electronic circuit, and a few rubber bands you will soon be huffing and puffing your way to fully-charged pseudo-useful electronic gadget"

Implications - Though technology has advanced impressively in the last few years, there is always room for improvement.