Mova Globe (CES 2008)

 - Jan 10, 2008   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: newlaunches & hotgadget
The Mova Globe is a remarkable piece of engineering. It is a globe enclosed in a fluid filled clear acrylic sphere. There is an electromagnetic motor within the globe that is recharged by solar cells using the small amount of light that penetrates the globe. The motor spins the globe within the fluid, using the resistance of the earth's own magnetic field. The Mova Globe will rotate in the palm of your hand!

Implications - The Mova Globe has a compact and powerful magnet at its center that is a stabilizing force. The Earth's magnetic field keeps the magnet in a North-South alignment. When the earth is perfectly suspended, liquid helps to mimic the weightless state of the earth as it goes through zero gravity.