From Robotic Fashion Campaigns to Sitcom-Style QSR Ads

 - Sep 30, 2018
With noteworthy campaigns released by brands like Burger King, Reebok, asos and Budweiser, there is much to note in terms of innovation regarding the September 2018 commercials.

The #BareSkinProject is a new multimedia campaign from luxe Japanese skincare brand Sk-II that includes young actress Chloë Grace Moretz and focuses on themes surrounding women's confidence.

Separately, iconic Italian outerwear brand Moncler tapped Mille Bobbie Brown, young star of Netflix's 'Stranger Things,' and a host of other inspiring individuals like Paralympic fencer Bebe Vio for a thought-provoking campaign about the stars' various definitions of "going beyond."

Meanwhile, the clever new Budweiser commercial leverages the brand's rich history by using Google tagwords to highlight their place in various cultural moments of the past. Produced by the brand's Brazilian agency of record, the ad features search tagwords like "1987 California hip-hop Budweiser" to convey a connection to the music scene of that time.