Walmart's Ode to Motherhood Erupts in Complete Chaos

 - Aug 7, 2018
References: thevanity & popsugar
Walmart's An Ode to Motherhood is a heartwarming three-minute ad spot that celebrates the beautifully chaotic experience of raising child.

Prescription lenses, dirty diapers, sleep deprivation and 50 different types of cries are all explored through the short clip, which follows a stressed but upbeat mother who fiercely loves her child despite the chaos. The spot follows the mother as her family grows and outlines some of the financial frustrations of parenthood, like outgrowing shoes and crippling bill payments. As everything begins to unwind, the house turns against the mother. Bills turn into flying bats and the unwashed laundry erupts as a new major crisis arises - the mother remembers she must throw her child a birthday party. The protagonist wonders whether she can successfully execute a party on "45 minutes of sleep and whatever is in my wallet" when she's suddenly launched into a Walmart. In the store, she finally relaxes, having found everything she needs.